SnowyPaws Dalida (Fel d1 Mild) and Formula Uspekha Zeus (Fel d1 Extremely Low).  Kittens will all be Blue Lynx.  

Kittens due shortly after Christmas.  Will be ready to go home the end of April/1st part of May 2015.


Snowy Paws Dalida 5 mos old



October 2014





5 months old


Zeus FB_3



8 months old



Photo by Helmi Flick


Zeus  August 2013



If you are interested in this litter

Please go to the Questionnaire Tab, copy and paste the questionnaire into an email, complete the questions, and send to


Spring Breeding Plans               Expected Colors

Lulu and Othello                        Golden Mackerel Tabbies

Moonstone and Apollo                 Brown/black Classic Tabbies                                                                        some with White

Mt. Rainier and Apollo                 Both tabbies and color points possible


Waiting List for Future Litters

To be added to Glorious Siberians waiting list, go to the Questionnaire Tab. Please copy and paste the questionnaire into an email, complete the questions, and send to Wait list is free!

To see pictures of prior litters please our Kitten Gallery!  Click here for kitten pictures from prior litters.


Retired Breeders

We have a retired breeding Siberian ready to go to her forever home.  She is a young Siberian, just three years old.  She was imported from abroad, made her contribution to our breeding program.  Now she deserves a wonderful long life, in a home where she can  be the Queen!

The ideal home:

  • No other cats in the home
  • Children if any should be 12+ years old
  • Preference for local area home

She is already spayed and offered at a special price.

If interested, please go to the Questionnaire Tab, copy and paste the questionnaire into an email, complete the questions (except for type of Siberian, and number of Siberians – one or two), and send to

Glorious Siberian kittens are raised in our living room underfoot where they receive lots of interaction from ourselves and special friends as well.  Kittens are ready to go to their forever homes at four months of age.  By then the kittens will have received all inoculations, rabies vaccine, are tested for worms and parasites, are micro-chipped for life long identification and are spayed or neutered.

Are kittens too old to bond at four months?  No, they are well adjusted, and ready to adapt to their new home and yes, bond with you.  The extended time with their mother, brothers, sisters and us builds their confidence and teaches them how to get along with others.  At this stage they are like a five year old child developmentally and will depend on you to love them, keep them safe and continue to teach them about their world.

We socialize our kittens with the help of a variety of special friends

Our goal is to raise healthy, well adjusted kittens, ready to embrace their new life with you!


We reserve the right to withhold breeder’s choice kitten(s) from sale,

and the right to refuse sale to anyone.

Kittens are reserved once a deposit is received.  The deposit is non-refundable.

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