Suggested Equipment List for Your Siberian

Things that our cats enjoy!

Cat Tree

Highly recommended for: Exercise, Observation Tower, and Great for Scratching (instead of your furniture). Cat Trees don’t take up much floor space and provide needed vertical space for your kitty.

Molly and Friends brand makes very well built, long lasting cat trees. A bit spendy, but you select the colors you want. Match your décor!  Some other cat trees use a fuzzy, thin fabric that does not hold up well.

Here is one style. Any active cat would enjoy climbing, playing and sleeping on this!

Ultimate Scratching Post This is the best looking, longest lasting scratching post we’ve found!

Suggest that you also consider purchasing the Ultimate Post Perch which slides onto the top of the scratching post.  Fabric pad is removable for washing. Note: I had to hot glue the velcro which holds the pad to the perch, so it would stay secure.  Quick and easy fix.

Cardboard Cat Scratchers

What?! Another cat scratcher?!  Yes!  Providing an assortment of scratchers keeps your cat happy and your furniture safe. Cats love to scratch cardboard.

If floor space is limited, I’d recommend The Original Scratch Lounge.  An excellent cardboard scratcher, which comes with some catnip for sprinkling.  The cardboard pieces are also reversible for good value.

If you have the floor space, then I’d recommend the stylish and tough Pawhut 34″ Deluxe Cat Scratcher Lounge

Our kittens enjoying the sturdy and stylish scratcher

JLA Cat Napper Window Perch   Cats love lounging in this fabric hammock while watching birds through the window or just taking a snooze.

Be aware that the online picture of the JLA Cat Napper (below) isn’t entirely accurate, but this is it!

Traveling with your Siberian

We take kittens for car rides so their trip home with you will not be their first car experience.  I do not recommend traveling with a cat loose in your car.  I do recommend the hard plastic travel kennels, because they offer your Siberian some protection in case of a car accident.

Recommended travel kennel

This type of crate is easy to take apart, wash, and the parts will nest so the crate won’t take up too much storage room.

PetBuckle Kennel Restraint System for Vehicles   

Now that you have a sturdy crate, the second step is to buckle it up in your car. Protection in case of an accident. The crate won’t be thrown about and hit you in the head or be tossed out of the car.

PetBuckle restraint system

                                                                                 PetBuckle Pet Supplies

Grooming Your Siberian

You only need a few tools and you’re set.  Siberians do not require a lot of grooming, however most enjoy it and it is a wonderful way to strengthen the bond with your cat.  Along with removing excess fur, and providing a healthful massage, it gives you a regular opportunity to examine your Siberian head to toe.  Early detection of anomalies can mean quicker healing after a visit to the vet.

Zoom Groom by the Kong Company  The rubber tips gently grab onto loose fur while also giving your Siberian a great massage!

7 ½ inch Stainless Steel Comb

A classic workhorse.  Perfect for Siberian “britches”, removing occasional mats under the arm pits and in the groin area.  Very nice for combing under the neck and for your Siberian’s tail.

Furminator Small Soft Slicker Brush   This brush has a dual head with straight bristles on one side and bent bristles on the other side The straight bristles are more gentle, while the bent bristles are more aggressive.  It is also split down the middle so each half can follow the contours of kitty’s body.  Although the packaging says it’s for dogs, it works great on cats. Both the Zoom Groom and the Furminator slicker brush remove excess fur, leaving your Siberian soft and silky.

Nail Scissors    We begin your Glorious kitten’s nail trimming training and strongly encourage you to continue with its training.  You can start with trimming just one nail.  If kitty is tolerating this well then trim another nail.  Always reward with treats or playing with your kitty afterwards.


This brand has excellent: Cat Wipes, Shampoo and Waterless Grooming Foam Shampoo 

“While our fine feline friends usually do a great job keeping themselves clean, they occasionally need some help from us. Our products clean your cat gently and naturally, leaving her coat brilliantly soft and shiny. With no parabens, artificial dyes or fragrances, phosphates, or toxins, you never have to worry about what might be left behind on your cat or the environment.”

HotCats brand Catnip Sausages   Generously stuffed with pure catnip and no fillers. HotCats come in a bright assortment of eye-catching colors, patterns, and prints, including bright stripes and florals. Tough – will withstand mauling – Sturdy denim twill fabric Fresh and Potent using only certified organically grown #1 quality catnip leaf and flower – not sticks & stems.

This is definitely a favorite!  Available in single or four linked “sausages.”  Our cats use this product as stress relief as well as fun.

Single sausage or Four linked sausages


Feather Wands

  • Encourages your cat’s hunting instincts
  • Great for interactive play
  • Provides exercise opportunities in the form of chasing and jumping fun

Small toys    Just a few toys that our cats have enjoyed.

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