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Folks researching the Siberian cat breed usually do so because they want a pet cat, but someone in their household, extended family, or regular visitor is allergic to cats. Up until now you may have thought that the only hypoallergenic cats were those without any fur! The “secret” is that cat allergens are not based on fur length, rather it is based on a protein named Fel d1.

#1. Fel d1 protein can be found in a cat’s saliva, skin oil and other. “Regular” cats can have a high level or dense level of Fel d1 protein in a single drop of saliva, however the Siberian cat can have very low levels or sparse amount of Fel d1 proteins.

#2. The amount of allergen, or Fel d1, produced by each Siberian cat is different. Siberian cats do not all have the same level or density of Fel d1.

#3. We are fortunate that there is a laboratory test to accurately determine a Siberian’s hypoallergenicity. This test is not always needed, but when it is, we will handle the entire process for you.

#4. The more extreme the cat allergies you are seeking to avoid, the fewer the appropriate Fel d1 level Siberian kittens there are. So, if you are trying to meet the needs of someone with highly, sensitive cat allergies, you will need to have patience.

We will work with you to ensure that you take home a Glorious Siberian with an appropriate Fel d1 level for your specific needs.

 Please beware of mis-information regarding the Siberian cat breed! Example of false information, “We only breed classic lines without color point, this assures one of hypoallergenic levels.” Not a fact and not correct.

About Glorious Siberians

Glorious Siberians is located in Vancouver, Washington – USA

  • Just over the “I-5 bridge” from Oregon
  • About 20 minutes from Portland International (PDX) airport – voted the Best Airport for multiple years by Travel + Leisure magazine.
  • About 3 hours from Seattle

I am experienced with breeding, nurturing, training, showing and working with a variety of animals since childhood. I knew that I wanted to obtain a purebred cat for show and breeding. I spent three years researching, studying and learning about several different cat breeds. I attended cat shows, talked with cat breeders, and visited several catteries. Starting and properly running a cattery is a substantial commitment, therefore I was thorough in my selection process.

Why I selected the Siberian Cat Breed:

The Siberian is very beautiful, with a large variety of possible coat colors and patterns

An athletic cat, with balanced, pleasing body proportions. A somewhat large cat that feels wonderful to hold.

Siberians impress with their dynamic, authentic, individual personalities.

A fun cat! Many will play fetch, and all amaze with their problem solving abilities and athleticism. Siberians are very trainable.

Siberians possess luxurious fur coats which feel both soft and silky, with some texture guard hairs on top to shed rain water.

A quiet cat although some will “talk” a bit allowing you to converse.

A fairly “new” natural breed. It’s natural hardiness and healthiness is still intact.

This is a social cat which becomes as much a member of the family as you allow. Affectionate and loving with loyalty comparable to a dog.

Most importantly, the Siberian cat breed has lower allergen levels making it possible for children and adults with allergies to finally have a family cat.

Siberian cats are the native cat of Russia.

Glorious Siberians’ foundation stock has been primarily imported from Russia, as well as Poland and Greece!  FrostyForest Fiona, our senior (first) queen was born in the U.S. from imported parents.


All of our cats are registered with TICA


“This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.”

We show our Siberians at TICA cat shows in Washington and Oregon.  Maybe we’ll see you at a cat show!

Fiona at Portland 2012 TICA cat show


Adorable two week old kittens

Adorable two week old kittens

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