Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in hypoallergenic Siberian cats.  Please do browse our pages and articles.  We’ve tried to include helpful information presented in an enjoyable fashion.  AND of course information on our Glorious kittens as well as young, retired cats ready to share their lives with you.

Glorious Siberians is located in Vancouver, Washington just minutes from Portland, Oregon.

We produced our first litter of Siberians in 2012.  We consider our cats family members.  The mothers and kittens share our home, while the intact stud cats live in a comfortable separate building. This is my life’s mission – “Providing pets to people and families who otherwise could not have one, with special interest in families with children.”

Siberian cats are the native cat of Russia.  Glorious Siberians’ foundation stock has been primarily imported from Russia, as well as Poland and Greece!  Our senior (first) queen was born in the U.S. from imported parents.


We researched different cat breeds for years, attending cat shows, and visiting catteries.  Once we discovered the hypoallergenic Siberian cat and met them in person, we were hooked!  This breed has so many outstanding qualities to offer:

**A beautiful, natural breed, very hardy

**Semi-long hair, low maintenance, in a variety of colors

**Quiet, but will interact vocally

**Athletic and playful, making for fun entertainment

**Intelligent with plenty of personality

**Sweet and loyal to those they love

And, most importantly low allergen levels making it possible for children and adults with allergies to finally have a family cat.  Even if your allergy sensitivity is high, with living strategies and a low allergen level Siberian, you may successfully have a family pet for all to enjoy.

We so enjoy these wonderful cats and hope that you will too!

Our cats are registered with TICA

1_TICA Logo

“This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.”

We show our Siberians at TICA cat shows in Washington and Oregon.  Maybe we’ll see you at a cat show!

Fiona at Portland 2012 TICA cat show


Adorable two week old kittens

Adorable two week old kittens


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