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DCH Glorious Poseidon

HCM screening – Negative 11/02/2014

Tested negative for FeLV/FIV

Fel d1 = 1.12  Very Low

We are so proud of our very own home-bred stud, Double Grand Champion Glorious Poseidon.  He is TICA 2014 Best Siberian Of The Year, NW Region!!

A richly colored black/brown tabby (n 23) Poseidon is a very sweet, cuddly, Siberian at 17 pounds.  We are excited by his “classic Siberian” build, coat and heft!  We thank FrostyForest Siberians for the use of their sire, GCH Whitenights Rico, and for selling us our very first Siberian and Poseidon’s mother, FrostyForest Fiona.

Through DNA testing, Poseidon does not carry dilute or color point (although he has color point in his lineage).

Double Grand Champion Glorious Poseidon, 18 mos old

Here Poseidon is being judged by TICA judge, Pamela Barrett, at his first adult showing, age 8 months.  He won 3rd best long haired cat and 4th best cat of all breeds under judge Steven Savant.

Glorious Apollo

HCM screening – Negative 11/02/2014

Tested negative for FeLV/FIV

Fel d1 = 0.34 Extremely Low

Glorious Apollo is a gorgeous seal lynx point Siberian (carries dilute).  This type of coloring is referred to as “Nyevsky Masquerade” in Russia.  A social and friendly boy, he is the first to greet us and is the “leader” of the stud cats.

Apollo is a good sized boy (18 lbs) for his age and is extremely well muscled and strong, his children inherit the classic Siberian heft from him. Apollo is very affectionate, he gives licks when he is petted and talks to us.

Though Apollo has participated in cat shows, his brother Poseidon stole the lime light.  By the time Poseidon was retired from showing Apollo had lost interest, preferring his duties at home.  Never the less, he is a very handsome boy and an excellent representative of the Siberian breed!

Glorious Apollo, January 2014

Glorious Apollo, January 2014


Glorious Apollo, January 2014

Glorious Apollo, January 2014

Poseidon and Apollo’s father:

GCH Whitenights Rico of FrostyForest

Poseidon and Apollo’s mother:

FrostyForest Fiona, at 10 months.


CH Formula Uspekha Zeus

TICA 2014 Best Blue Lynx (Tabby) Point Siberian Of The Year, NW Region!

HCM screening – Negative 10/20/13

Tested negative for FeLV/FIV

Fel d1 = 0.55  Extremely Low

January 2013 TICA Show, 8 Months.

Imported from Moscow Russia, this stud cat is stunning!  Zeus is a blue lynx (as 21 33), Nyevsky Masquerade, has a gorgeous face, luxurious coat and excellent boning. He has a kind and gentle nature and loves a good romp. With Zeus’ excellent type, sound conformation, and sweet nature we look forward to his future kittens and results in the show ring.

Champion Zeus 15 months old in short, summer coat
Photo credit: Helmi Flick


Beautiful Champion Zeus, 15 months old
Photo credit: Helmi Flick

 He is the son of European Champion Beliy Tiger Sineglaziy Angel “Sanya.”

Eur Ch BeliyTigr Sineglaziy Angel


Zeus’ mother is the incredibly beautiful, Champion Formula Uspekha Cassandra.

Ch Formula Uspekha Cassandra 8 months old.


A note about color pointed cats.   

Point-colored cats generally have color on their face, feet and tail (points of the body).  These points can be either solid or have stripes, whereas the rest of the body is a lighter color with a white or cream base.

Lynx Points have stripes, most notably on their face.  Point-colors are most well known from the Siamese, Himalayan and Rag Doll breeds.

Seal Point cats have dark brown/black points, and Blue Point cats have gray points.

Color point kittens are born all white or cream color. Their color points gradually appear and slowly spread. As the cat ages the color intensifies and the body color darkens.

Our Siberian kings are available for selective stud service.  Please email information on your queen: photo(s), pedigree, some of her best features, areas for improvement, and Fel d 1 levels if tested.

Origins of our foundation stock:

Origins of our foundation stock.












Glorious Siberians are registered with TICA (The International Cat Association) and are eligible to be registered with CFA.

Regarding acceptable coat colors for the Siberian cat breed:

“All traditional and pointed colors and combinations

are accepted with or without white.”

This is part of the Siberian breed standard from TICA and CFA, however, for other registry services, especially those abroad such as WCF (World Cat Federation) or FIFE (Fédération Internationale Féline) color pointed Siberians are called Neva Masquerade and are registered separately from traditional colored Siberians.

Out of respect for catteries which follow WCF and FIFE’s approach, we note which Glorious Siberians are known color point carriers, and honor agreements we might make to breed traditional to traditional colors only.

TICA link http://www.tica.org/public/breeds/sb/intro.php

CFA link http://www.cfa.org/client/breedSiberian.aspx

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