Our Queens

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FrostyForest Fiona

HCM screening – Negative 10/28/12

Tested negative for FeLV/FIV

Fel d1 = 2.67  Medium Low

Fiona was our introduction to the great friendship and entertainment to be had living with a Siberian. She is a sweet, spunky, and intelligent black brown mackerel tabby (n 23) (color point carrier) with a strong natural look, good size, and beautiful features. Extremely athletic and agile, we never knew cats could fly until we had Fiona in our lives! As a mother, Fiona is exceptional. She impresses us with her deep devotion, attention and care for her babies.

Fiona 10 months old.

Fiona is the mother of our Double Grand Champion Glorious Poseidon.

Fiona’s mother is Champion Adagio Polina of FrostyForest (a 23).  Imported from Moscow.

Lovely Polina in her summer coat.

Fiona’s father is Champion Neva’s Mystery Coby of FrostyForest (n 21 33). Imported from Moscow.

Coby 10 months old.


Sibaris Zaglyada Lulu

HCM screening – Negative 4/14/13

Tested negative for FeLV/FIV

Fel d1 = 0.22  Extremely Low

Lovely Lulu, February 2014

Lovely Lulu, February 2014

Imported from Moscow Russia, Lulu is a gorgeous black golden spotted Siberian (ny 24). Her coat, conformation, and beauty are exceptional! For such a lovely lady, she has impressive size and strength. Lulu puts all of her energy and focus into her chosen activity, be it running to us to say good morning, throwing herself down for pets, ‘patrolling’ the house or playing. She’s often found lounging on top of tall bookshelves or sleeping next to us on the couch. We so enjoy her beauty and sweet passionate nature, and thank Sibaris Cattery for this fantastic girl.

Lulu likes to be up high. Feb 2013

Lulu’s mother is Champion Rolanda Sibaris (ny 24)

Lulu looks a lot like her mother.

Lulu’s father is WCH (WCF) Dementiy Volzhskaya Krasa (ny 24)

Dementij is a prominent stud in Russia.




Volgskaya Krasa Yablon’ka “Anya

HCM screening – Negative 4/14/13

Tested negative for FeLV/FIV

Fel d1 = 2.98  Medium Low

Beautiful Anya














Imported from Saratov Russia, Anya is an adorable and kind hearted Siberian. She is an intensely colored black golden classic tabby (ny 22) with a luxurious and exotic look, offset by her sweet face and beautiful green eyes. More of a tomboy, Anya is frequently off on adventures around the house or excitedly playing with a found toy. She is patient and extremely good natured; persistently gaining the trust and friendship of our other cats by enticing them into play, and providing a wonderful companion to her human family.  As a mother she is extremely devoted and attentive.

Our golden classic girl













Anya’s mother is International Ch Amalia Volgskaya Krasa (ny 23)

Anya’s father is Champion Kapiton Volgskaya Krasa (ny 22)



Neva’s Legend Zaryana

HCM screening – Negative 11/02/2014

Tested negative for FeLV/FIV

Fel d1 = 0.42  Extremely Low

Home in Russia at 6 months

Neva’s Legend Zaryana  is from Moscow, Russia (n 22 03).  Zaryana immediately impressed us with her outgoing, affectionate, and playful nature. We fell in love with her striking eyes and gorgeous coloring and pattern while watching her develop and are so pleased to have her home. She is so loving and energetic, either on the ‘hunt’ or purring deeply and cuddling with her people. She enjoys keeping us company around the house and playing fetch in the evenings. Thank you Valeria Verina for entrusting us with this lovely girl.

First day home with us


















Origins of our foundation stock:

Origins of our foundation stock.












Glorious Siberians are registered with TICA (The International Cat Association) and are eligible to be registerd with CFA (Cat Fanciers Association).

Regarding acceptable coat colors for the Siberian cat breed:

“All traditional and pointed colors and combinations

are accepted with or without white.”

This is part of the Siberian breed standard from TICA and CFA, however, for other registry services, especially those abroad such as WCF (World Cat Federation) or FIFE (Fédération Internationale Féline) color pointed Siberians are called Neva Masquerade and are registered separately from traditional colored Siberians.

Out of respect for catteries which follow WCF and FIFE’s approach, we note which Glorious Siberians are known color point carriers, and honor agreements we might make to breed traditional to traditional colors only.

TICA link http://www.tica.org/public/breeds/sb/intro.php

CFA link http://www.cfa.org/client/breedSiberian.aspx

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