Pure Bred

Why choose a Pedigree Cat?

The main advantages associated with opting for a pedigreed (purebred) cat are:

  • More predictable, breed specific appearance and temperament
  • Pedigree cats are typically very well-raised:
    • fed top quality food
    • provided veterinary care
    • well socialized with people and other cats
  • Purebred breeding stock is usually screened for possible genetic failings and diseases
  • Planned breedings, usually bred from the best to the best, generation after generation

Advantages for opting for a mix-breed cat, include:

  • Less expensive than pedigreed cats to obtain
  • Easier to obtain

However, non-pedigreed cats have the following disadvantages:

  • Generations of unknown health history
  • Character traits of parents generally unknown
  • Uncertain how cat will turn out both in appearance and disposition
  • The kitten has probably not received a healthy start in terms of food and vet care
  • Most likely has not stayed with mother and siblings long enough for optimal socialization
  • Unknown health issues may lead to expensive vet bills

Breeders are at times blamed for homeless and feral cats.  The Animal Welfare department states that, “Fewer than 2 percent of cats in the United States are purebred and raised by breeders.” That means that 98% of cats are from haphazard breedings and have received questionable health care.

As a Siberian breeder, we are committed to preserving the Siberian cat’s natural health and hardiness.  We continue to be impressed with this breed even by cats from completely different lineages.  We wish to preserve and if possible (!) improve the overall greatness of the Siberian Cat for future generations.

TICA’s tips on finding a great kitten: http://www.tica.org/members/publications/brochures/kitten.pdf

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