We do our best to match up kittens and their individual dispositions to a forever home.  To do this we need to get to know you.  Please copy and paste the questions into an email document, type in your responses and send it to us.  Please be very frank and honest. We will do our best to work with you so you will have a positive experience.  The better we get to know you the better we can match you with a particular Siberian.

Our kittens go home after they are four months old and have recovered from spay or neuter surgery.

Send the filled out questionnaire to

  • Name
  • Address (at least City, State and zip code)
  • Evening/weekend phone number
  • Other family members or folks sharing your home
  • Please briefly describe where you live, and whether you rent or own
  • How much time do you see yourself or others spending with your Siberian on a daily and weekly basis
  • Name and phone number of the vet you will be using
  • Do you have a color preference
  • Do you have a gender preference, boy or girl
  • Why do you prefer a boy or girl
  • Do you plan to declaw
  • What other pets do you have
  • Allergies: if this an issue, please describe the extent of allergies. Please provide detailed allergic reactions to non-Siberian cats
  • Aside from allergies, why do you want a Siberian cat (this helps us understand your expectations)
  • How did you find us
  • Do you have any concerns, questions, or anything we should know about


Early socialization with special friends.

Early socialization with special friends.

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