Price: Pet Siberians are $1,100 regardless of gender or color. This price includes:

  • Spay or Neuter surgery
  • Regular kitten vaccinations and rabies vaccination
  • Veterinarian examination
  • Avid Microchip for life-long identification
  • Test for parasites and treatment if needed
  • TICA paperwork for registration

Kittens are placed around 4 months of age, after they recover from alter surgery.

When considering the price of your Siberian, please keep in mind that you are adopting a family member who may be with you for 18 years +/-!  Most $1,100 laptops are junk after just a few years.

We spend time educating your future kitty about baths, nail clipping, crates and car rides so your kitty will be familiar with these necessary activities.

Shipping:  Shipping is no longer available due to the USDA 9/10/13 ruling that eliminates pet sales over the internet. You will need to come and pick up your sweet baby, or we may be able to meet you part way.

Wait list:  Free!  Please go to the Questionnaire tab and follow the directions.  We will send you an email when a litter/kitten/cat becomes available.

How to Reserve:  A $400 Non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a Glorious Siberian.  We only accept reserve deposits when we have cat/kittens available. This amount will be applied towards total price and is non-refundable!

Cat/Kittens for allergy homes:  If your allergies are quite severe, we recommend testing the kitten you are interested in for its personal Fel d1 levels.  The test costs an additional $350 for lab work.  Please note that current kitten testing methods are much improved from past methods!  If the Fel d 1 level is not low enough in the kitten tested and you choose not to buy from the current litter, then we will split the expense with you.

For more information on the Fel d 1 testing we use, please click on the link below:

Discounts or Rebates:  Two kittens purchased together, or a second Glorious Siberian purchased from a later litter, entitles you to a $200 discount!  Glorious Siberians earning their first Championship title will receive a $200 rebate upon receipt of proof.

Returns/Refunds:  We truly hope that every kitten placed will have found its forever home, however, sometimes life happens.  We require that you contact us first if it becomes necessary to rehome your Siberian (as specified in your contract).

Payment Information:

You may pay for your Glorious Siberian using your major credit card, including Visa and MasterCard.  You do not need to have a paypal account, and you do not need to set one up!  Click the PayPal button to begin.

We reserve the right to withhold breeder’s choice of kitten(s), 

and the right to refuse sale to anyone.

Kittens are reserved once a deposit is received. 

The deposit is non-refundable.

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