Pricing information is available by email correspondence. However, before asking for pricing, please read the following so you’ll understand what the price includes.

Your Glorious Siberian kitten will receive optimal care and nutrition from birth. From before birth when you consider that the parents, grandparents, etc. have been carefully selected and well cared for. Glorious Siberian kittens are raised in our home and are accustomed to regular household sounds. We spend time educating your future kitty about baths, nail clipping, crates and car rides. Your Glorious Siberian kitten will be familiar with these necessary activities. Consistent care and socialization brings out the best of our kittens and the benefits last their entire lifetime.

Your Glorious Siberian kitten will receive:

  • All kitten shots
  • Rabies inoculation
  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • Microchip
  • and will be registered as a purebred Siberian with TICA

 We hold back our Glorious kittens until they are just over four months old.  This choice is made in the best interest of the kittens’ physical and mental development, and health.  

“Between nine and fourteen weeks old, they learn from their mother and siblings how to interact with other cats. They learn how to recognize and interpret cat body language. Quite literally, a cat who misses out on this important social step may not learn how to ‘talk’ to other cats.

You may find it personally disappointing to allow a kitten an extra month or two with its mother when you had hoped to have it earlier, but it will make a world of difference to the mental, emotional, and physical health to the kitten throughout its entire life.”

by Barbara C. French. CATS Magazine, February 2000

Kittens need time to develop immunity.  We start inoculations a bit later so that the kittens will only need two shots instead of three.  By starting the inoculations a bit later they are more effective, because acquired immunity from mother is gone.  Fewer shots are better because there are dangers in over-vaccinating both cats and dogs.

Timing of spay and neuter surgeries. Washington State requires that kittens be at least four months of age for de-sexing surgeries.  Female kittens may come into season as early as five month, and it is best for kittens to have surgery before going into heat. Kittens recover from surgery more quickly in their home of origin.  It is less stressful and this helps speed recovery.

Two of our requirements:

  1. All Glorious Siberians must be indoor only pets.
  2. All Glorious Siberians must be fed wet food. No Kibble! Wet food may be Raw Meat Cat  Food, Cooked Meat Cat Food, or Canned Cat Food. Foods must be free of grains such as corn, wheat, glutens etc.

Shipping:  Shipping is no longer available due to the USDA 2013 regulation that limits sight-unseen-pet-sales over the internet. You will need to come and pick up your sweet kitty in person. I will meet folks who fly in from out of state at Portland’s International Airport. I will spend an hour or more going over all pertinent kitten information with you.  Of course, I will continue to be available to you for the life of your Siberian. Your kitten will get to fly back with you in the cabin at your feet. A soft-sided crate is used for flying home.  Please see our suggested equipment list for suggestions.

To Reserve a kitten:  A $400 Non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a Glorious Siberian.  We only accept reserve deposits when we have cat/kittens available. This amount will be applied towards total price and is non-refundable!

Retired breeding cats are occasionally available.  Please go to Kittens page to see if any are available, details and photos. The price for a retiree is seldom discounted because they are our best cats and have been Fel d1 tested, FeLV and FIV tested, and have received HCM heart scans.

Discounts or Rebates: We’ve lowered our prices so no longer offer discounts or rebates.

Consider carefully before purchase: Please understand that kittens are not like purchasing certain items that can be returned on a “trial basis”.  They are living beings and adopting a kitten is more like adopting a child, not like purchasing merchandise. The kitten will bond with you and its trust in people will be damaged if you reject it.

One has to be fully committed and prepared to face all of the responsibilities that come with having a kitten/cat, for better or worse. We encourage all our Buyers to think very carefully before purchasing a kitten from us.

        Paraphrased from Siamese Royalty cattery website

Returns/Refunds: We truly hope that every kitten placed will have found its forever home, however, sometimes life happens.  We require that you contact us first if it becomes necessary to rehome your Siberian (specified in your contract).

Payment Information: Credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard may be used to pay for your Glorious Siberian through PayPal.  You do not need to have a PayPal account, and you do not need to set one up.  Click the PayPal button to begin.

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Life Stages

Kitten– Birth to 6 months

Junior– 7 months to 2 years

Prime– 3 years to 6 years

Mature– 7 years to 10 years

Senior– 11 years to 14 years

Geriatric– 15 years or more

We reserve the right to withhold breeder’s choice of kitten(s), 

and the right to refuse sale to anyone.

Kittens are reserved once a deposit is received. 

The deposit is non-refundable.

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