Siberian Attributes

Siberians are glorious cats, with personality-plus, and make good, all-around pets.

     The Siberian is a natural breed that developed with  little interference in their native Russia.  These semi-longhaired, muscular cats are a natural result of their environment.  Their plush all weather triple coat provides protection and warmth during Russia’s winters.

Similar to other forest cats like the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat, the Siberian is a large breed.  Siberians develop into hefty, athletic cats with a somewhat wild, robust look.  They impress with their power and strength, yet have a sweet, rounded face.  These are agile cats and capable of great leaps and love to investigate the entire home.

Getting to know Siberian kittens

Getting to know Siberian kittens

Mature females weigh 7 to 12 pounds.

Males are larger than females and will reach weights of 11 – 19 pounds.

Siber­ians have many endearing attributes, but are true individuals and certainly not cookie-cutter-cats!  Your Siberian will be a unique representative of the Siberian breed.  Some attributes Siberians are known for:

  • Greeting you when you come home and following you about the house like a dog
  • Playing fetch
  • Supreme hunters, able to make great leaps and attack their “prey” with gusto
  • Know their name and come when called
  • Loving, affectionate and trusting
  • Intelligent and independent
  • Generally quiet cats, though some Siberians may be fairly talkative
  • Many Siberians are fascinated by water and will come running to “watch” you take your morning shower
  • May enjoy digging in their kitty litter
  • Enjoying chewing and gnawing like a dog, especially when less than a year old. Our Siberians enjoy the occasional two inch piece of dried chicken breast strips.
  • Only weekly brushing or combing are necessary

Living with a Siberian cat provides great joy and entertainment. They offer a wonderful balance of interaction through play, vocalizations and snuggles, and independence that makes cat ownership practical.

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