Teaching your Kitten not to Bite

Kittens are so much fun to play with and they crave your attention, but you should not allow it to bite you in play or any other time. Try diverting its attention away from biting you by having a soft toy (or selection of toys) handy. Shake the toy or move it in an enticing manner.  Encourage your kitten to wrestle with the toy you are holding and not you.

Withdraw play if things get really rough and the kitten begins to bite or scratch you. Just as a kitten learns from his siblings and mother he will also learn from you. If he bites or scratches and becomes overly aggressive you simply end the game. Tell him in a stern voice ‘NO’ and with a loud clap of your hands walk away from the situation and ignore him.

If the kitten catches you unaware and latches on to your arm or leg you might not have a toy at the ready for diversion. In this case, quickly blow in his face but not too hard, and tell him NO, then walk away. Make it clear to the kitten that you will not be a party to these rough-house games.

Be consistent and don’t give your kitten mixed messages. Don’t allow aggressive behavior one day and then the next day punishe him for it. You need to get the message across to your kitten that this behavior is not acceptable each and every time he gets rough.

Use techniques such as squirting the kitten with water from a spray bottle only as a last resort if nothing else works. This is a harsh a punishment for a little kitten! Loud clapping and a stern NO should be enough.
You will soon begin to notice certain behavior signs that your kitten is leading up to an attack. A pointed stare, laid-back ears, dilating pupils, swishing tail and the wiggling rear end. If you see these signs stop what you are doing, say NO, and walk away from the situation.

Kittens Pouncing and attacking

Ambush and surprise attacks are common and one of a kitten’s favorite games! Heaps of fun for kitty but it often scares the living daylights out of you. The best advice here is to get to know your kitten’s favorite ambush spots and be aware when you enter the danger zone. If you see the kitten waiting to pounce, give a loud clap of the hands and a firm NO. You could also try putting a bell on his collar so you always know where he is at all times.

Give your kitten lots of attention! That is what he craves. Praise him when he is gentle and scold him if he bites and scratches you.

Playing with your kitten is one of the best ways to bond.

Using a feather for play

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